Ready Mix Truck Fleet


A great mix of innovation and dedication

Ozinga is no stranger to innovation. After all, four generations in the business gives you insight on how to run a successful operation. Our latest innovation is the new fleet of trucks. These state-of-the-art mixer trucks are equipped with useful technology to improve service and safety in our local communities.

Ozinga Ready Mix Concrete Fleet
Ozinga Ready Mix Concrete Fleet - Driver

We’re also lucky to have talented, professional and hard-working individuals on our ready mix team. Our drivers work tirelessly to get the job done, and they take pride in what they do. After all, they were born to build.

Digital Fleet Technology
With our real-time tracking, we have automated metrics, analytics, and a view of all our assets as they move. This allows us to schedule better, and track and control challenges as they happen. The Digital Fleet in-cab experience delivers critical information that empowers drivers to be more effective, allowing them to take charge of the situation both at the yard and at the jobsite.

Verifi Technology
The onboard Verifi quality control system monitors the concrete slump and temperature while the truck is in transit. This moisture and additive control system lowers the standard deviation of mix quality, resulting in a more consistent product arriving on site, reducing guesswork, and ultimately producing more consistent strengths.

Compressed Natural Gas Mixers

One ready mix concrete mixer fueled by compressed natural gas releases 40% less CO2 than diesel, which means Ozinga’s fleet of more than 120 CNG mixers significantly impacts our environment in a positive way. In addition, our CNG mixers also help reduce noise pollution.

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