Integrally Colored Concrete

Integrally Colored Concrete is a highly versatile and durable material, able to meet the challenges of heavy traffic and to provide both strength and beauty in a surface that is non-fading and UV-resistant. Featuring permanent, non-fading, uniform color, concrete can be produced in a wide range of colors: warm earth tones, variegates shadings, vivid hues and any shade of gray. Subtle harmonizing shades can blend pathways, planters, curbs and drains with the natural greenery. Slopes, curves and changes in the grade can be readily accommodated by cast-in-place concrete. Indoors, in entryways, hallways, utility areas, kitchens, recreation areas, sunrooms and splash rooms, colorful concrete beautifully compliments any decor.


Spring Beige
Summer Beige
Autumn Beige
Winter Beige
Porcelain Gray
Sorrento Red
Cool Gray
Sunbaked Clay
Desert Sand
Sombrero Buff
Antique Cork
Mesa Beige
Adobe Tan
Coachella Sand
Westwood Brown
Tawny Pink
Coral Red
Quarry Red
Shadow Slate
French Gray
Dark Gray

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