Fibers can play an important role in concrete reinforcement. However, not all fibers are the same. While many fibers can’t replace the strength gained through steel reinforcement, most can still make concrete last longer and sometimes even achieve a specific look.

Micro-synthetic (stealth fiber)
In applications where the look and feel of the concrete is important, micro-synthetic or stealth fibers, may be the best choice for your project. With this type of fiber you can get a lot of the same benefits as traditional fiber while maintaining a clean, nearly invisible finish.

Macro-synthetic (traditional fiber)
Macro-synthetic fibers offer similar benefits to steel fibers without the risk of corrosion sometimes associated with steel. Macro fibers will increase the toughness and durability of the concrete and can be added at a much higher rate per unit volume than traditional steel fibers.

Steel Fibers
Steel fibers are great for heavy duty and industrial applications where superior crack control and impact resistance is a must. Steel fibers are engineered to give concrete long-term performance in heavy use areas.

Different types of fibers provide different benefits. While steel fibers can help improve general structural strength and reduce the need for steel reinforcement, others such as nylon-based fibers can improve concrete’s resistances to shrinkage while curing. Most fibers also improve freeze-thaw resistance.

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