Concrete Stains & Concrete Release

The distinctive antiquing release colors serve as captivating accents to the attractive integral color foundation. Imagine how the complementary blend of an integral color, antiquing release color and stamp pattern can add dimension and charm to your home.

Antiquing Release Colors*

Arizona Tan
Beige Cream
Brick Red
Classic Gray
Deep Charcoal
Pecan Tan
Slate Gray
Terra Cotta

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Our 25-page Decorative Concrete Design Guide contains color swatches, stamp patterns, photos of decorative concrete in action, and much more!

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*The colors are an approximation of the final concrete color. Much like marble, granite or wood, concrete has natural variation in appearance. The color of concrete can be impacted by many factors such as natural shade, the color of local concrete material and the style of concrete finish selected. Concrete that is not cured and sealed will have less brilliance and color uniformity.

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