Concrete Admixtures

Integral Concrete Sealer

Sealers are vital in maintaining a strong, efficient concrete surface. While many sealers can be applied to the surface following a pour, integral concrete sealers are added directly to the mix, ensuring even distribution of the sealer. These sealers not only help protect concrete more effectively than surface sealers, but they also save time by being added to concrete before it arrives on site.

Concrete Accelerator (Calcium Chloride, NCA/DCI)

Concrete accelerator is used to speed the setting time of concrete, allowing it to begin to cure earlier than a typical mixture. This can be especially useful for cold weather placements, as the reduced setting and cure times can lower the risk of frost damage.

Concrete Plasticizer

Plasticizers increase the workability of concrete mixtures. This is useful in high-strength mixes that can be difficult to mix and would have their strength reduced by the addition of water.

Concrete Retarder

Concrete retarders are added when a mixture needs to have a longer setting time. This is often used to slow the hardening of the surface so that the top layer can later be washed off to achieve an exposed aggregate look.

Concrete Water Reducer

Water reducers are typically added to concrete mixtures before they are poured on a job site. Reducing water content in concrete can help decrease porosity, which can minimize the space available for water to enter and cause damage during freeze-thaw cycles. They can also increase workability and overall concrete strength.

Corrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion inhibitors are used to extend the surface life of steel-reinforced concrete structures. They are effective in reducing the rate at which moisture and chlorides enter concrete, which can aid in corrosion.

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