Ed's Story

Plymouth, Indiana

Ozinga believes that an acquisition is more like an investment in the people. Every individual brings their own strengths and experiences to Ozinga, and this makes us stronger than ever. Ed’s story depicts how our investment in people is what stood out during his acquisition process.

Ed Houin, Safety, Environmental, and HR Supervisor

Ed began his professional career in concrete with Transit Mix in 1987 with duties including operations, hiring, HR, banking, and serving as owner Will Lawrence’s right-hand man. Due to his close relationship with the owner, Houin had first-hand insight of the acquisition process, and Lawrence often briefed him after each meeting he had with Marty Ozinga III.

Transitioning to Ozinga

According to Houin, the owner was extremely impressed with Marty’s interest in the people at Transit Mix, rather than the equipment or other assets. “Marty told him (Transit Mix’s owner) I can build plants, I can buy trucks, but it’s the people I’m after. “Comments like this is what gave Lawrence comfort in selling his family business to Ozinga.

During the acquisition process Houin worked with two Ozinga representatives, Director of Safety & Environmental Compliance Mike Conquest and Executive Vice President – Indiana Joe Sanders, visiting all Transit’s plants and meeting with Transit Mix employees. When the acquisition was finalized, they all attended a cookout where the new Ozinga coworkers filled out their paperwork and received a warm welcome from Marty III.

“(Ozinga) did everything right to make us feel comfortable,” says Houin of the acquisition process. “I’m very proud and happy to work with Ozinga. I cross paths with our competitors . . . and I’m very proud of Ozinga and how they represent themselves.”

Transitioning from a smaller company where he had a clearly defined job description as Chief Operations Manager to a bigger corporation where didn’t know exactly what his job responsibilities were, was quite an adjustment for Houin. Over the years however, Houin has acquired more knowledge of the industry and enjoys working for a company that has similar values and work ethics.

“For me a feel-good day is when I go out and talk to an employee who is very appreciative of what the company has done for them,” said Houin. “I feel like I’ve accomplished something. I had that feeling before, but it’s on a lot bigger scale now.”

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