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Beloit, Wisconsin

Ozinga’s values of service, learning, and entrepreneurship are represented in all we do, and we want our coworkers to champion those values. When ready mix company owners are looking to sell their company, it’s important to align yourself with a company like Ozinga whose values match your own. Read Dannie’s story on his decision to sell his company to Ozinga.

Dannie Shear, Owner

Dannie Shear spent every day at Beloit Ready Mix for 30 years when he was approached by Ozinga with an offer to acquire the company. His parents purchased Beloit Ready Mix in 1979 and he joined the family business shortly thereafter in 1987. After his father’s retirement in 1995, he and his mother ran the business until 2016 when Beloit became part of the Ozinga family.

Transitioning to Ozinga

Shear had been approached by a company in the past about selling Beloit Ready Mix and the experience was less than positive. But when he chatted with Justin Ozinga, president of Ozinga’s ready-mix operation, and Ritch Dembinsky, executive vice president of the company’s Illinois North and Wisconsin regions, he was impressed with the variety of options that were tailored to his company and his needs.

“It (the acquisition process) was really simple, I couldn’t believe how easy it was,” Shear said. “It really surprised me how smooth it went. I wasn’t expecting it to go that easy.”

Shear’s personal values also aligned closely with Ozinga’s. When he ran Beloit Ready Mix, he was committed to dealing with customers and employees with complete honesty, and it was refreshing to see that honesty was important at Ozinga as well. He also liked that Ozinga was a family company—a lot of Beloit Ready Mix employees were his close family members who came on board with Ozinga after the acquisition.

Shear decided to sell Beloit in an effort to finally get his mother to retire. She still worked at the office daily, doing bookkeeping, invoicing and billing, and he wanted her to have some fun and relax for once. While it was time for his mother to settle down, he knew he was still too young to retire, and looked forward to maintaining a working relationship with the contractors he’d supplied concrete to during his 30 years with Beloit.

When he began his new sales position with Ozinga, he says he “didn’t lose a single contractor” as a customer and continues to work with those same individuals to this day, without worrying about all the overhead that comes with owning your own business.

“My life’s changed a lot. I don’t have as much stress as I used to have and that’s huge,” he added. “It’s made life a lot simpler for me.”

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