Justin's Story

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

At Ozinga, we believe in the importance of family, and we work hard to deliver a work-life balance to our coworkers. During an acquisition, we not only bring on the current coworkers to join the Ozinga family, but we welcome you to a culture that is healthy and happy. Read Justin’s story below and see how this stood out during his company’s acquisition.

Justin Kratochvil, Regional Manager for Safety, Environmental, and Human Resources

Justin Kratochvil joined Ozinga in 2015 after we acquired his previous employer, Meyer Materials. Justin worked at Meyer for 14 years and traveled 75% of the time, which made it difficult for him to be home as much as he wanted to.

Transitioning to Ozinga

After one of his many business trips, Justin realized he needed to spend more time with his children and family—something that wouldn’t be possible as long as he was employed at Meyer.

“At that point in time I realized what my future would hold in terms of my employment (at Meyer) and I was at the mercy of an organization that was good, but it didn’t treat me as the person I wanted to be treated and the professional I wanted to be,” said Justin.

Justin described the acquisition process as “very smooth” and was impressed with the warm and welcoming nature of Ozinga coworkers and the changes he saw in others who had joined Ozinga from Meyer Materials.

“Seeing how everybody else acted being employed by Ozinga, the excitement that they showed, their demeanors, and again, I’ve worked with these team members for a long, long time before the acquisition and to see the change in them, I knew that this was definitely part of something great” Justin added.

A previous Meyer coworker approached him about an employment opportunity with Ozinga and he jumped at the chance to travel less and maintain a healthy work-life balance. He considers himself lucky to be able to recommend Ozinga to his friends and family.

“I think there’s no greater honor, truthfully, than being able to stand up and recommend your employer to those that you love the most because you know that there’s a future, you know that there’s an opportunity and you know that you’re going to be well taken care of,” Justin said.

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